I have long been captivated by stories about monsters: mythological and by extension the 20th century Science Fiction variety. Being a Pacific Rim resident, two film score composers have long entranced my otherwise jazz-oriented palate: Akira Ifukube and Masuro Satô. 
Several of the themes presented here were composed by them and, like the jazz musician I am, they became my muse: I rearranged, extended these motifs and even created newly composed works from them, combining my own musical thoughts and tastes to comment on the overarching theme of "monsters among us."


Steve Adams: flute, alto flute, alto saxophone
Vijay Anderson: drums
Michelle Alexander: vocals, keyboards, clapping
Chris Grady: trumpet
Caroline Waters: clarinet, bari sax
Cory Wright: tenor sax, clarinet
Suki O'Kane: drums/percusssion/sounds
Lisa Mezzacappa: bass
Matt Plummer: trombone
Jayn Pettingill: arrangements and original compositions; alto sax, clarinet
Jameson Swanagon: guitar
Myles Boisen: recording engineer + mixing